Before you set out

Chitwan is generally warm for most of the year and require only light clothing. However, from November to February the early mornings and evenings can be very chilly, requiring a warm sweater or jacket. Early morning elephant rides can be particularly cold before the sun rises and warms the air enough to dispel the damp morning mist.


• First aid kit containing, amongst others, insect repellent, possibly a malaria prophylaxis, bandages, diarrhea medication and painkillers and sufficient supplies of your regular medicines.
• Neutral colored clothing on safaris.
• Light weight, loose-fitting trousers and long sleeved shirts.
• Comfortable walking shoes/Canvas shoes or light weight boots.
• A sun hat or light neck scarf and sunscreen lotion to protect from the sunlight.
• Insect repellent and flashlight for use in the evenings.
• Swim suit for elephant bathing if you are travelling in summer.
• Umbrella or raincoat if you are travelling during the monsoon.
• Binoculars, cameras, extra memory card and battery
• Battery-operated or conventional razors
• Torch/headlamp
• Travel insurance policy and repatriation insurance
• Plug adaptor for three prong round hole plugs