The wilderness is vital to mankind. For we believe, it strengthens our bonds with the earth and find peace with ourselves. Many of our answers we are searching for lie hidden within it. It is our duty to protect this wilderness to make it a sanctuary for the flora and fauna to flourish and to save it for our future generations.

By creating stable employment for our indigenous communities through eco-tourism and sharing our respect and love for the wilderness with our guests and our staff, we believe we can.

Our team of naturalists have been trained under the able guidance of Sunil Daley, an experienced and very interested naturalist who has a wide experience of the flora and fauna of the Chitwan National Park, one of the best preserved jungles left in the Nepal Himalaya. They will share their information and knowledge of the jungle’s flora and fauna while accompanying you on a tour deep inside the jungle, on elephant back,on a jeep or on a nature walk that will include watching for some of the many species of bird life that frequent this region..

This safari is special inasmuch as you explore the jungles of Chitwan, looking for wildlife from elephant back, crashing through riverine forest and swamp to get a glimpse of the great one-horned rhinoceros, deer of many species, boars, jungle cats which with luck might allow you the rare chance of seeing the majesty of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the elusive leopard, the Himalayan bear and several other creatures. Your elephant will be supervised by an experienced Mahout, adept at using his toes behind the animal’s ears or a few spoken commands to head in the intended direction. A maximum of four persons can ride an elephant, seated on a cushioned howdah. Nothing quite beats this silent and exhilarating ride, exciting when an animal is sighted and peacefully quiet while passing through the evergreen density of the riverine forests. This safari lasts for about 2-3 hours.

This is an unusual program, beginning as a jeep safari with an experienced driver at the wheel and an expert naturalist leading you deep inside the forests on motorable tracks, exploring the mystery and magic of the jungle from the comfort of your seat. We shall take you to Kasara, the HQ of The Chitwan National Park, to see the Gharial (Alligator) hatchery project, founded by Frankfurt Zoological Society. After a short briefing & visit, drive to the oxbow lakes (Lami Tal & Tamar Tal) through dense sal forest to encounter a variety of plants and more wildlife. The drive ends on the banks of the Rapti river where a traditional canoe, hollowed out of the trunk of a kapok tree aka Red Silk Cotton tree, which will waft you downriver to view aquatic birds, crocodiles and the animals on the river banks, a quiet, soothing moment as the waves gently lap the sides of the gliding boat.




This short lecture is about the Asian elephant, it’s differences from its African cousin, it’s evolution, eating and breeding habits with which your Guide will acquaint you. For those of you brave enough to try, the Mahout will show you how to handle this great but gentle beast! After this program, we take you to the Rapti river, invite you to join in bathing with the elephants – from mid-/February when the weather warms to the end of November, subject of course, to prevalent weather conditions.


Nepal is considered an ornithogist’s paradise, a sanctuary with an astounding 848 species of bird life identified across the country, of which we have identified 276 species in our area. Your Naturalist will lead you deep inside the jungle for an unbeatable tour, assist you identify species from grassland, farmland, forest and aquatic habitats and you’ll also learn to recognize their whistles and alarm calls.





Our naturalists will help you identify some of the wild herbs, plants and wild animals while walking deep inside the jungle.


A short walk from the lodge lies a typical Darai/ Tharu village where you may have a glimpse of the social and cultural life of the villagers, the style of their homes and how they make a living.