Chitwan National Park:
“Chitwan” meaning the ‘Heart of the Jungle’, is one of the best known and the oldest national park in Nepal. Irrigated by three rivers, Chitwan is a tropical jungle with dense thickets of Sal trees interspersed with large grasslands. The misty mornings and the tall elephant grasses add to the charm and mystique of this beautiful jungle. The park is teeming with wildlife with an impressive tally of 68 mammals and over 600 birds recorded here.

Chitwan is a 180 kms or a five hour driving distance from Kathmandu. There are frequentflights from Kathmandu to Bharatpur which is about an hour’s drive from the Lodge.

The Lodge is located in the quiet Jagatpur area. Situated alongside a tributary of the river Rapti, the lodge overlooks the national park and guests are often treated to the sight of deer and rhinos. The property celebrates environmental consciousness in all aspects of operations. The guest areas all have large windows and the lobby is open with uninterrupted views of the surrounding forest.

Guest Accommodation:
There are 32 cottages, each with a private balcony, toilet and shower. The rooms are well appointed with all modern comforts and amenities. Built on stilts, the cottages are spread over a 10 acre property with views of the greenery around.

Guest Areas:
The Lodge has a spacious dining hall, lobby and lounge which can double up as a conference facility to comfortably seat 70 guests.

The food is a set menu with an array of dishes for all tastes. The impetus is on serving the freshest preparations and sourcing produce locally from handpicked organic vegetable vendors. With advance notice, the Lodge team is glad to make preparations for guests who may have special dietary requirements.

The region is humid and sunny almost round the year. In winter the coldest months are between November to the end of January with early morning and night temperatures falling to 5 to 10 degrees Centigrade. The days are misty and pleasant in winter. The summers are warm with the hottest months being April to June where midday temperatures go over 33 degrees centigrade routinely.

Best Time to visit:
October to March is the most comfortable time to visit in terms of temperature. It is just after the monsoon and the jungle is lush green. April to June is warm but waterholes become hot spots for animal activity and offer excellent photographic opportunities. The Monsoon usually hits Chitwan towards mid-June and peter out by September.

Chitwan offers an array of safari activities. It is a good idea to sample each once. Apart from Jeep and elephant safari, boat and walking safaris accompanied by trained naturalists are highly recommended.